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Are you up to the challenge? 

Longing for a good and comfortable contact for both horse and rider? 
Trainrein is a training tool voor riders and trainers. Giving instand feedback on the contact. When the rein tension exceeds 5.0 kg
(or 2.5) the sensor lights up. It is a tool that reminds the rider to maintain soft hands and open the fingers as soon as the horse releases and finds self carriage. It gives a lot of information about what's going on with horse and rider when it comes to straightness, softness and balance. It improves the communication, contact and skills and equine welfare.

What is Trainrein?

  • An interactive training tool.
  • Indicates the rein tension which the rider applies on the reins and therefore on the horse's mouth through the bit.
  • A complete rein consisting of a force sensor and a LED light on both sides.
  • A LED light flashes when rein tension exceeds 5 kg. (also available in a 2.5 kg. version).
  • Trainrein is made from an innovative biothane material, and is therefore durable and maintenance friendly.

Why Trainrein?

  • Training tool that contributes to equine welfare.
  • Good means of control for riders to see if they indeed exert a responsible tension on the reins and therefore the mouth of the horse.
  • Affordable and very user-friendly.
  • Interactive and objective, riders experience it as educational, useful and fun.
  • Good tool to refine the contact with the horse's mouth.
  • Interesting tool for raising awareness among riders.
  • It improves the feel of the rider on contact, balance and straightness.

For whom is Trainrein designed?

  • Riders willing to challenge themselves with applied rein tension.
  • Riding schools and trainers seeking to improve results and equine welfare.